Economics trains her students in a different kind of thinking. This economic viewpoint is valuable to the tasks of daily life as well as relevant to any professional calling. I believe it will be my serious responsibility to walk with each of my students as they practice this new way of thinking about human choice.

As an economics aficionado, I look forward to infusing a sense of wonder within my students as they begin to understand the inner-workings of our economy and other spheres of exchange. Still a student myself, I know that the facts of a field are easiest to comprehend when they are exciting and meaningful.  Thorough understanding of a subject matter requires zeal, and I look forward to falling in love with economics again every day.

As a woman in this field, I believe it will be useful to harness my maternal aptitude in my posture toward students. My aim is to be viewed as a professor who is kind, difficult, engaging, and humble, as were my professor exemplars. Keeping in mind that I will be just a small part of my students’ university experience, I will strike the balance between taking my teaching seriously while taking myself lightly.